Introduction for Students

The pursuit of a maritime certificate of competency is a demanding task. You have chosen SMIT as your avenue to gain the knowledge required to pass examination by Marine Branch and SMIT takes this responsibility seriously.

Due to the intensive nature of the various programs offered by SMIT, it is very important that your time in the classroom is used to the best advantage. You must feel relaxed and comfortable in order to learn efficiently. The manner in which a student learns differs from person to person. The quality circle meetings provide an opportunity for the individual to express their special needs. Input from the student is vital to the fine-tuning of your course.

Obstacles to learning may occur that cannot be readily dealt with in a quality circle meeting. The issue may be of a personal nature or involve one of your instructors. Should you feel that for any reason, you, as an individual are disadvantaged in the classroom, you have an appeal / grievance and it is important to remedy it quickly.

In order that the appeal / grievance is dealt with efficiently, a set procedure is in place. It is your right to expect fair treatment in the classroom, if you feel this is not the case, please make this clear by using the grievance procedure.



  1. Discuss your appeal / grievance privately with your instructor/immediate supervisor. Should you prefer you may put the grievance in writing on the form
    provided. The form can be handed directly to your instructor/ immediate supervisor.
  2. You may wish to share your appeal / grievance directly to the SMIT senior trainer. This can be done by arranging an interview, by phone or letter.
  3. It may be that after asking your instructor and/or SMIT manager, you are unsatisfied with the result. If this is the case, you may make your appeal / grievance known to the General Manager of SMIT.
  4. For further information on your rights as a consumer, see the Australian Competition and Consumer website.


In most cases it is best to talk with your instructor/immediate supervisor in the first instance. All appeals / grievances, spoken or written will be brought to the attention of the SMIT manager.

All formal complaints will be heard and decided within 15 working days of the receipt of your written compliant.