MARSS00008 - Shipboard Safety Skill Set

Training Package for MARSS00008 Shipboard Safety Skill Set - Release 2 

This Skill Set reflects the work required by people who need an Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) Elements of Shipboard Safety Certificate

Shipboard Safety Skill Set Course Flyer

Training and Assessment are conducted in accordance with the MAR (Maritime) Training Package. See for more information.

Course Components

Fire Fighting:

MARF002 - Follow procedures to minimise and fight fires on board a vessel.

Please contact an accredited Fire Fighting Training Organisation to obtain a Fire Warden Certificate.

Survive at Sea:

MARF001 - Apply basic survival skills in the event of vessel abandonment
MARF004 - Meet work health and safety requirements
MARF005 - Survive at sea using survival craft

Training for Survive at Sea is provided by SMIT.

Training Venues

First day of course:
SMIT Training Centre
Second day of course:
East Point Reserve - Flare Demonstration
Parap Pool - Survival using life raft


Certificates are available after completion of the Survive at Sea course and the original certificate of completion from your Fire Warden training is sighted.


Survive at Sea $550. Payment and your completed enrolment form is required before the start of the course.

Our Shipboard Safety Skill Set training dates:
29 - 30 January, 2018