SMIT has done 5 training courses for my crew and I and their results are excellent. The trainers are very knowledgeable and experienced and they provide a supportive and encouraging learning environment which has excellent flexibility. They have a family friendly environment which is extremely helpful. They will continue to provide all my trainings.

- Blane Simmons, Frontier Fishing, Marine Engine Driver Grade 2 course, 14 December 2018

Excellent course and learnt all I need to know and more from Rod. I am confident now that I can safely perform duties required of me. I am very happy with the way the course was carried out.

- Darcy MacAllister, Master up to 24m course, 26 November 2018

Great course, easy to follow, good pace, would recommend!

- Tristan Reece Cheyne, Master up to 24m course, 26 November 2018

Everything was good. Rod was helpful, professional and had good stories that helped me understand some things better.

- Kode Reidy, Master up to 24m course, 26 November 2018

Great learning facility. Trainer Rod Cole is very knowledgeable and had time and energy to ensure every student understood the content. No one was left behind.

Sophie Dyer, Master up to 24m course, 26 November 2018

Jeff has vast knowledge of the course content and explains things clearly in layman term. Very comfortable learning environment.

B.P., Marine Engine Driver Grade 3 Course, 21 November 2018

 Great hands on course. Many scenarios to make understanding of the course easier.

- Natalie Davey, Coxswain Grade 1 course, 14 November 2018

Enjoy the course. Teachers were very informative and patient.

- Justin Syron, Coxswain Grade 1 course, 14 November 2018

I have completed courses at a number of training facilities around Australia this year and found SMIT to not only have great trainer but make you want to be there.

- C.B., Marine Engine Driver Grade 2 Course, 18 October 2018

Fantastic venue and staff.

- D.W., Marine Engine Driver Grade 2  Course, 18 October 2018

Everything explained, easy to follow learning, very helpful, very knowledgeable trainer, good learning environment and great facilities.

- A.M., Marine Engine Driver Grade 2 Course, 13 July 2018

Brilliant course, well detailed and documented. Delivered in a suited environment by knowledgeable lecturers. For an entry level course, it really encompasses a wholistic approach and is highly recommended for any employer or employee that is requiring an up skill or personal development in the marine industry.

- J.C., Coxswain Grade 1 course , 27 April 2018

A fantastic course and very well run. Highly recommend SMIT.

- James Campbell, Coxswain Grade 1 course, 27 April 2018

Course outline and facilities are top class. Big thanks to Rod for sharing his knowledge.

- Leigh Wright, Master up to 24m course, 9 November 2017

Sam, the teacher is great and completes teaching in a proper manner. Help is always given when needed. Materials that Sam gave us (print outs) are fantastic and they are vital information for us. SMIT has a great training environment with a lot of room (we had a small class). We did not get the Darwin charts until a bit late which was a shame because it would be good to work with them. I believe SMIT’s Master up to 24m course needs to be a longer course as it felt a bit rushed in some areas. Overall, Sam and the whole class plus facility was great. Training was sufficient and I believe I learnt a lot.

- Toby Geraghty, Master up to 24m course, 07 June 2017

I found SMIT very accommodating and flexible of my needs while undertaking the Certificate III in Maritime Operations (Master up to 24 metres). I found the trainer was excellent – presenting with a great mixture of knowledge and experience. He made this course interesting while maintaining good discipline and standards, always helpful and willing to answer my questions.

- Elizabeth Franklin, Master up to 24m course, 07 June 2017

The course was very good. A lot to take in but the training was full of information about Master up to 24m. Rod was very helpful throughout the course.

- J. Rasing, Master up to 24m course, 16 August 2017

Just done MED2 here at SMIT. I enjoyed the course, instructors and staff were very helpful in helping you get through your studies and understanding of the duties for your tickets. I can’t speak highly enough of the staff here at SMIT. I would recommend if you need to do maritime tickets, come in and say hi to these guys. 🙂

- Shira Chiarelli, Marine Engine Driver Grade 2 course, 20 October 2016

I did my Coxswain in August and my MED2 in October and I am looking forward to do my Master under 24 metres in December. Experience training facility, very professional staff in all departments. I will definitely recommend SMIT to my friends.

- Theo Kostov, Marine Engine Driver Grade 2 course, 20 October 2016

I have just completed my MED2 and about to start my Master5. The teaching here has been great. My understanding of my own work area has improved massively and has done so under no pressure. I would recommend this facility to anyone and I know I will be coming back. Thanks Pete, Janis and Erin.

- Chris Webber, Marine Engine Driver Grade 2 course, 20 October 2016

I would recommend these guys to anyone looking at furthering their career in the maritime industry. All the staff make you feel at home and are very friendly. I feel I have learned a lot in these classes and will be leaving with having made a great experience.

- Alexandre Pollet, Marine Engine Driver Grade 2 course, 18 October 2016